Educational Market

Work-for-Hire Writing

As a former educator, I’ve worn many different hats in the development of print materials. As a work-for-hire writer, my strengths are being able to research and write high-quality material with a voice and content that reflect the needs of the project, follow project specifications and deadlines, and bring knowledge of educational standards and instruction to the project.

I write both fiction and nonfiction for the educational market. Areas of interest include but are not limited to an entire series or individual titles in the topics listed below:

  • Self-Esteem
  • Social Skills 
  • Mental health
  • Friendship
  • Children and Social Media
  • Physical, Life, and Environmental Science
  • Writing Process
  • Grammar 
  • Education
  • Baking (kids and pets) 
  • Communication strategies
  • Dogs
  • Pet Ownership

A resume and writing samples are available upon request.