My kindergarten cubby!

About Tina

An award-winning teacher for 33 years, Tina was privileged to share her love of books with many students. She released her first picture book, WALKOUT, with Clear Fork Publishing in 2020. Set to release in 2022, is Tina’s chapter book, CANINES UNLEASHED. Tina is a Co-Assistant Regional Advisor with SCBWI’s West/Central Upstate Region and an active member of 12×12. Now you can find her writing full-time, at all times of the day (even at dawn) with coffee, chocolate, and her fluffy dogs nearby. When Tina, a winter enthusiast, isn’t writing, she enjoys Upstate New York and the Catskills with her husband, daughter, and two Akitas, one snowstorm at a time.

Can you spot the author in this kindergarten photo? (click to enlarge)

Growing Up

Without realizing, I started my literary career at the age of eight with paper, pencils, crayons, yarn, and a hole puncher! I loved words and the crinkling sound of turning pages. I wrote and illustrated stories, made them into booklets, and read them to younger kids in my neighborhood. Sometimes I made paper dolls so everyone could act out a scene. This eventually became a huge door opener into babysitting and teaching. I bring a lifetime of experiences as a child, teacher, mother, and pet owner to everything I write. I am passionate about inspiring kids to love reading and to being their best version of themselves!