Author Visits

For more information on booking an author visit, including fees and availability, please contact me.

Meeting your students is an honor. The best part about creating books is to be able to share them with readers everywhere. You never know when meeting an author may ignite a love of reading, writing, another dream, or all three!

I offer a range of programs for varying grade levels and would be happy to tailor something specifically for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Virtual Visits

Skype and Google Hangout

15 minute virtual visits are free.

In this interactive virtual visit, students will have read the book read and questions prepared ahead of time. We will discuss publishing if time permits. Another idea? Would love to hear it!

All Grades (Including Assembly Settings)

Story Structure:

In this in-depth hour-long workshop, students will ask preplanned questions. We will review story structure in large group or smaller roundtable-style discussion groups. Through prompts and challenges, students will create a story with three attempts to solve the problem. The story will have an activism focus or other class driven topic.


In this hour-long workshop, students take a look at the writing process and why revision is so important. We will take multiple student samples (sent to me ahead of time) and revise, looking at the before and afters. This session includes a reading and questions and answers.

Upper Elementary and High School

How to Become an Advocate or Activist:

In this large group hour long workshop, students will learn the difference between advocacy and activism. They will learn strategies on how to work together to accomplish a common goal respectfully and peacefully through a PowerPoint presentation. There are small group breakout sessions for application. 

I would love to have lunch with teachers and students and sign books on any visit!


In-Person Visits:
  • Full Day (Up to 4 presentations)- $600
  • Single Presentation- $200
Virtual Visits:
  • Full Day (Up to 4 presentations)- $400
  • Single Presentation- $125
Travel expenses/mileage will be added to fees for out-of-state visits or visits greater than 90 miles away.