Clear Fork Publishing, 2020


  • friendship
  • advocacy
  • courage
  • empathy
  • teamwork
  • school safety


Inspired by a true story, WALKOUT shows democracy in action as Maddie organizes a safe school’s anti-violence walkout. Other kids throughout the States are walking out. But Maddie’s principal has announced that only older grades can participate. At the same time, Maddie’s best friend Stella is too scared to help.

Can Stella find her courage and join Maddie in walking out?

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“Tina Shepardson wrote Walkout because she was inspired by how young people like our #StudentsDemandAction volunteers were creating a better future for themselves. Check it out!”Shannon Watts 

“…Empowering, motivating, and easy to understand the story with eye-popping illustrations make this book perfect for every home, classroom, and professional who works with children!”Reading With Your Kids Podcast

“WALKOUT centers students’ voices in a timely and powerful call for safe schools. Tina Shepardson found a creative and thoughtful approach to help students understand how to be heard, including a courageous call to action. An instructive and positive message for students and adults alike.” —Peter C. Smith, Ph.D. Superintendent, Jamesville-Dewitt Central Schools, Dewitt, NY

“Adults looking to explain activism and social participation to the very young, as well as friendship’s boundaries and challenges, will find this story of a determined girl and her too-cautious best friend to be engrossing and educational. It’s perfect for initiating beginning conversations about political involvement, school violence issues, and risk-taking.Diane Donovan

“In the picture book WALKOUT, experienced educator and author Tina Shepardson takes on the difficult and scary topic of school violence. Based on a true story, the author helps children see what they can do about a situation that feels out of their control. She also helps children understand that feelings that are different from their own are acceptable and valid.” —Kid Reader Views